running between june 08 - june 29

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If you haven't joined the Slack yet, make sure you do and join #building-programming-languages!

Come up with an idea, any idea. This can change! Go post in the Slack at #building-programming-languages and paste the link to your message here.


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I've never written a programming language before.

I'm going to be honest with you: the best shot you're going to have at winning this jam is if you learn how to write a programming language before the start of the jam. Join a bunch of other Hack Clubbers for two hour calls everyday from 5 - 7PM EST during the first week of June, between 06/03 - 06/07. You'll do one of two things: learn how to build a programming language with Easel, or ship your first programming language. Even if you're working on one, join and demo it!

Plus, if you ship a programming language you'll get five hours towards Arcade, which you can use for winning prizes like a Flipper Zero.